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  • Specialty Groups

    Specialty Groups are those that require a "Special Touch", ie:
    • Pastor's Meetings
    • Retreats
    • Men's Groups
    • Ladies' Groups
    • Youth
    • Teen
    • Weddings
    • Festivals
    • Parades
    • Community Outreach
    • Holidays and Special Events
    • Seminars
    • Conferences
    • Clinics, Workshops, Training Sessions....
    The list is practically endless. You have a Special Group, and they need a Special Group to minister directly to them. We want to match up your needs and requirements with our roster of talent.
    I would highly recommend MUSIC and MINISTRY together for your events. You can have different talent every day, or the same musician each day and different speakers, or the same speaker and different musicians and make the choice, and we will work around your requirements! No matter what, we have the talent that will make YOU look great!

    Ray McMurtry, Speaker, Book him today with Kingdom Promoters! As an example, you may wish to have Professor Ray McMurtry teach, preach or minister to your Pastors Group. Ray was the founder and President of Anaheim Christian College and is a Professor Emeritus at Asuza Pacific University. This would be a suitable speaker -- informed, educated, and well able to converse and educate your Pastors on their level.

    Darren Beck, Singer, Book him today with Kingdom Promoters! Pastor Rocky Byers and his "Elevate" Leadership Seminar is another excellent choice! If you prefer, he can speak on any topic you choose, just give him a little lead time to pray into it and study. For reference, you can hear some of Rocky's messages on THIS PAGE.

    Roxanne Graham, Speaker, Book her today with Kingdom Promoters!

    For your Retreats, depending on the theme, you may wish to have one or more of our group come out to minister with music and mentoring, training and teaching or song and silliness! Several of our lady speakers specialize in Retreats, for example Roxanne Graham . Roxanne will bless your teens just as much as she'll bless your ladies' groups.

    Darren Beck, Singer, Book him today with Kingdom Promoters Darren Beck is an amazing singer, see his video on THIS PAGE!

    Darryl Bayer, Trumpet, Teacher, Speaker, Book him today with Kingdom Promoters! I especially like what Darryl Bayer does for young adults and children. Darryl Bayer teaches junior high school and high school age children now, and has a young adult program all about music and the arts. He also has a special program called "The Woodlands Jazz Project", a series of classes teaching young adults how to play Jazz and Swing, culminating in a concert in The Woodlands. Darryl not only gets, but KEEPS, the attention of the younger set. Darryl also specializes in the "Herald Trumpet", absolutely spectacular at weddings as the bride begins to walk the aisle .... very unique, and well worth a listen! He is amazingly well qualified to play at ANY EVENT, anywhere in the greater Houston area, and specializes in weddings, receptions and private events.

    For Youth and Teens, retreats and lock-ins, and for general-family-audience entertainment value I recommend 20:24 Ministries: Songs, Skits, and Soul Much More!
    See their VIDEO HERE!

    We're very excited and pleased that you have chosen Kingdom Promoters to provide your guest speaker, musician, or specialty group for your event, meeting or whatever need you have to fill. Please call us with ANY questions, we are more than happy to help you choose the right person for your group.

    Contact Kingdom Promoters today to reserve our anointed speakers, musicians and specialty groups to speak at your next meeting, bless your leadership or entertain your audience with their inspiring messages, song and dramatic performances!



    Need a Speaker? Need a Musician? Our speakers cover a wide range of topics. Our line-up includes Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists, Prophets and Apostles. Our giftings are all inclusive and exactly what you need!

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    Young Adult Program!

    Darryl Bayer's Young Adult Program has been well received by teachers and enjoyed by thousands of Houston area students and teachers alike.Check out some of his FREE Resources below to see how Darryl can help your student:

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